Friday, December 6, 2013

BNSF Log Cars

Here are some ex-BN log cars, one still wearing the green BN livery with BNSF lettering, the other already painted in BNSF's freight car colors.


  1. Looks cool, have you considered doing a pulpwood load for these cars like in this photo?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion and the picture link, that's an interesting looking cargo. Pulpwood is a bit of a polycount challenge, but I'll see what I can come up with.

  3. Michael, I have a lot of your equipment and enjoy it very much!

    Have you considered producing center-beam lumber cars with packaged lumber loads? I think it would compliment the already good selection of lumber cars that you have available.

  4. Bills, Michael has created a centerbeam with lumber loads already, you can find it in the Fraser and Cariboo route from MilepostSimulations. The car is in BC Rail livery and has 3 different types of wrapped lumber loads and is by far my favourite centerbeam car currently in game.

    1. Didn't realize that. Thanks for the info, Jerret!

  5. Jerret, Bill, thanks for your comments! I just posted a couple of pictures of the BCOL centerbeam that I built for Jonathan's route. Were there other railroads that used this type of car besides BCOL?

  6. I believe CN still has them after they bought BC rail a few years back. I'm not shure if any were repainted but I wouldn't be surprised if a few were.