Thursday, January 30, 2014

Merger with Trains and Drivers

Over the next few weeks, Golden Age of Railroading will merge with Trains and Drivers. Andreas Czudai and I have already been working closely together for the last couple of years, combining forces more thoroughly is a logical step for us that will allow us to spend more of our time on the creative aspects and less with all the administrative stuff.
My payware add-ons will thus be removed from my website soon and will re-appear at Trains and Drivers soon after. Most of the add-ons on my website are by now terribly old, so we will not simply re-release them under a new name, but rather only publish those that have been updated to the quality standards of my latest models.
There will also be changes to the payware packages before I hand them over to Trains and Drivers: there will be fewer add-ons than now, but with more content in each of them. Please see the overview below to find out what precisely these changes are going to be.
All the freeware add-ons will remain on my website and I am of course going to continue supporting my older add-ons. So if you bought some of those in the past, the merger with TaD will not cause any changes for you.

Planned Changes in Add-on Packages:

  • ATSF Freight Packs 1 and 2: will be merged into one add-on
  • BN Heritage Freight Packs: will only be available as merged add-on, seperate packs will be abandoned.
  • B&M Freight Pack: no changes
  • GSC Commonwealth Flatcars: add-on will be abandoned
  • Milwaukee Road Pack: no changes
  • Modern US Freight Packs: Basic Pack will be abandoned, no changes to Megapack
  • NP Late 19th Century Steam Pack: no changes
  • NP Early 20th Century Steam Pack: no changes
  • NYC Hopper Packs, Offset-Side and Ribside: add-ons will be abandoned
  • PRR BA/OD/PD Passenger Pack: no changes
  • TOFC Packs, East and West: add-ons will be abandoned
  • USRA Boxcars, East and West: add-ons will be abandoned
All add-on packs to be abandoned will be removed from my website at the end of February.
Please send me an email if you have and questions or comments about the merger.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Something New for the New Year

Some B&O equipment. An underrepresented railroad in TS14, and a little attempt to help change that.