Monday, December 30, 2019

Thursday, December 12, 2019

New Scenario: GN Train 5, 1954 TT

A new scenario pack is now available for the GN Cascadian Route (Electrified Stevens Pass):

GN Train #5

The Westbound Cascadian Spokane-Seattle Local
based on the 1954 timetable

You can download the scenario on my website (and soon also on RWA.)

This scenario has been split in three parts due to the length of the route, each of which is available in summer- and winter setting.

Besides the payware route, only freeware equipment has been used to write this scenario to ensure it can be played no matter where in the world you are.

The scenario is based on the 1954 GN public timetable. The Cascadian had just been classified as a "Streamliner", which in its case meant freshly repainted and rebuilt heavyweight equipment and a pair of F7s leading.

Your timetable is pretty tight in the east- and west ends of the route, but fairly relaxed up in the mountains where almost all of the stops are flagstops (which means you will frequently "miss" stops when you don't get flagged to stop).

This scenario is the first one released that uses the Random Flagstops script feature that we invented for the Cascadian route. That means that each time you start the scenario, you may get called to stop at different stations!

Have fun on train #5!

Screenshots: GN Train 5, 1954, Part 2

Some screenshots from a new scenario for The Cascadian route.

Part 2: Under Diesel Power. Skykomish to Everett.

Screenshots: GN Train 5, 1954, Part 1

Some screenshots from a new scenario for The Cascadian route.

Part 1: Under Electric Power. Wenatchee to Skykomish.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Montana Hi-Line: Impressions from the Plains

Here's a new video clip showing high plains railroading on the upcoming Montana Hi-Line route. Grain is king!