Thursday, January 26, 2017

Full Steam Ahead

After not posting here in over a year (eek!), here's a new sign of life. Following the improvements made to my EMD GP9 model for the final release of the Springfield Line late last autumn, I have now added those updates to my other GP9 models as well. And the GP5 and GP7, too.

So what's new on the updated Geeps?
  • much better exterior texturing, looks much crisper and more detailed now thanks to double resolution hood textures, completely redone normal maps, and remade shadows/highlights on the main texture
  • some improvements on the cabview walls, still a bit crude but better than before
  • added a cab interior model that is visible from exterior cameras

I'm attaching some screenshots below. You can get the updated engines by simply downloading the .rwp installer files from my website and reinstalling them.