Thursday, May 2, 2019

GN Train #6, The Cascadian, in 1940

Here are some screenshots from an upcoming scenario for the West Expansion of the GN Cascadian Route.

This scenario will model the eastbound GN Train #6, The Cascadian, the daily all-stops local from Seattle to Spokane. The scenario will be split in three parts, part 1 will feature the steam-powered run from Everett up into the mountains to Skykomish, where an electric engine will take over for the run over Stevens Pass.

This series of scenarios will be based on GN's 1940 Public Timetable. I'm also planning to write the return run (Train #5) and, if time permits, more passenger runs using real timetable data. In our route's era, there are several possibilities for passenger runs: the Oriental Limited, the Empire Builder, the Fast Mail, and the Cascadian.

But let's begin with #6 on its way from Everett to Sky. The real #6 probably didn't run with a mighty S-2 class Northern on this stretch, a Mountain or even a lighter engine would have sufficed. But since we have this wonderful S-2 from Rick and it's freeware...

#360 to Vancouver is 15 minutes behind schedule

Leaving Snohomish



Gold Bar

Flagstop at Reiter


Thundering towards Skykomish

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Minerman's B&O New Boxcars

Minerman's latest 40 ft boxcars have rolled in, and they are real beauties!

You can download them, together with eleven other 40 ft boxcars, on my website.