Friday, April 19, 2019

ATSF, GN & BN Cabooses (Re-Release)

Now available on my website:

ATSF Rebuilt Ce-1 Class Cabooses

GN (BN) Class X200 Cabooses

These two add-ons are re-releases of older add-ons that were previously available at Trains & Drivers which have not been available for quite some time. Now they are back as freeware.

The GN caboose pack also got a small update and now includes two cars each in GN's late Big Sky Blue livery and also in BN green. I assume due to their age these cars saw mainly yard and transfer service in their final years on the BN.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Here's a little side project I've worked on over the last couple of weeks: some Erie-Lackawanna equipment! Now available on my website are an EL EMD GP7-Pack and an EL Dunmore Caboose Pack.

These go really well together with Minerman's recently published New York Division 40 ft Boxcars Pack!